There is no set minimum or maximum in length to these questions. However, we expect there will be a shortage of spots so being ultra minimal isn't recommended.

The final deadline to apply for Fall 2021 is: Friday, September 3rd at 11:59PM.

All pairings are expected to be sent out by the following week of the deadline.

If you are a graduate student and wish to become a mentor/have questions about mentoring. Please email one of the program organizers.,



We currently don't have any statistics on how many applicants we will have however we expect there to be more than the number of mentors available from a short survey of interest so unfortunately, we may not be able to match everybody. As a result, we're going to holistically evaluate each applicant in order to create the best match between mentor/mentee.

Due to the limited time that juniors (or higher) and transfer students have left in Berkeley, we will be giving partial priority based on grade seniority however the deciding factor on whether we will be able to fill a spot is whether we can find a corresponding mentor that can help guide the topic the mentee has chosen. 

The letter of recommendation is an optional component however it gives us an additional measure of the willingness/preparedness of the applicant to participate for the program. It's also good practice in eventually asking for graduate school recommendations. You do not have to ask the letter from faculty or a previous GSI, an additional letter is added to help us get a better sense of your character for the program, it can be from your a close friend. In fact, please save your faculty recc letters. Ask from previous TAs/GSIs or anybody (not even physics related) who can vouch for you.